It is important to be represented by a licensed and bonded professional that works for you, the insured.   All of our services require NO MONEY OUT OF POCKET.



Our team is equipped to handle any peril in your home or property. Each staff member is trained and certified.


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Join our team TODAY! Make great pay, no experience required, paid training provided. 2016 Metro Presentation from Metro Public Adjustment, Inc. on Vimeo.

About Us

At Team Princeton we value customer service. Each team member takes pride in treating our clients with the utmost professionalism. From initial consultation to claim settlement it is our mandate to keep our clients informed, allowing them to focus on their busy lives. A large number of people from various departments work on every claim. We provide the accessible source of information required to give our clients the peace of mind that their claim is being handled with the care and attention it deserves.

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Why Use a Public Adjuster

By definition, a public adjuster is an advocate for the insured property owner, hired on a contingency fee basis. Public adjusters are licensed, bonded and monitored by the Department of Banking and Insurance. They provide professional advice and assistance in the preparation and presentation of property damage claims. Their mandate is to obtain the maximum, rather than minimum payout.

A typical scenario is that damage occurs to an insured property. In most cases, the owner will call the insurance company. When this occurs, the insured is presenting the claim to the insurance company.

What incentive does the insurance company have to provide its policyholders with the maximum payout? The answer is none. The end result of a claim is a financial transaction, so there is in reality a conflict of interest when the insurance company represents both sides of that transaction. Without hiring representation, the insured is at the mercy of the insurance company to determine the extent of the damage as well as how much compensation should be paid for the damage.

Like any other for profit industry, insurance companies need to make money to stay profitable. They are however in a quandary. How do they stay profitable and still pay for covered sudden and accidental damage? By paying the insured for the damage that they ask to be paid for (by representing themselves) rather than for all of the damage that is actually there (which will be properly presented by a public adjuster).

Metro Public Adjustment is the largest public adjusting firm in the country. Founded in 1993, Metro is licensed nationally. We work on a contingency fee basis, so if we do not recover payment for your loss you owe us no money.

Covered Damage

Possible covered perils
  • Fire / Smoke Damage
  • Wind / Rain Damage
  • Missing Shingles
  • Ice Damming
  • Roof Leaks
  • Sewer Back-up
  • Wood Floor Damage
  • Skylight Leaks
  • Damaged Siding
  • Weight of Ice or Snow
  • Vehicular Damage
  • Collapse
  • Riot / Civil Commotion
  • Vandalism
  • Laminate Floor Damage
  • Carpet Damage
  • Frozen Plumbing
  • Cracked Tiles
  • Toilet Overflow
  • Theft
  • & Much More


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